Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Beyersdoerfer Sisters

Anna and Flora Beyersdoerfer were daughters of Michael and Elizabeth (Wenser/Young) Beyersdoerfer. They also had a brother, Conrad, and a sister, Ida.

Anna, six years older than Flora, was born September 26, 1864. Flora's birthday was February 20, 1870. Both girls were born in Ripley, Ohio and spent their entire lives in the small town.

In 1883, Anna married Nicholas Becker. They made their home on Second Street and would become the parents of three children, Louis, and twins, Ethel, and Edith. The children's Aunt Flora would remain single, living with her parents. In 1900, the census reported that Flora worked as a milliner most likely with Anna's mother-in-law, Catherine Thill Becker.

Anna and Flora died in 1950, only a little more than two months apart. Anna in February and Flora in May. Both are buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Ripley.
Photo courtesy of Nick Renneker.

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