Sunday, July 4, 2010

William Gates - Revolutionary War Veteran

Today is the Fourth of July and we are getting ready to  celebrate with our children and grandchildren.  We'll be grilling burgers, swimming, and, once it's dark, letting the kids have fun with sparklers.

On this day, I'd like to remember my ancestor, William Gates, who was a Revolutionary War veteran.  He was born in Charles County, Maryland around 1755.  He enlisted June 4, 1778 as a private in the 1st Regiment and was discharged April 5, 1779.  He enlisted again as a Corporal May 9,1779 and was mustered out March 30, 1780.  His name appears on the roll of Captain Joseph Marbury and Lieut. Samuel Hamilton in the 3rd Regiment from Charles County, MD.  He was discharged March 30, 1783.

His military history is as follows:
1778, June 4- Entered the service under Captain Bruce, First Maryland Regiment, served nine months.
1780, March- Enlisted First Maryland Regiment under Captain Joseph,  commanded by Col. William.
1780, Aug. 16- Fought in the battle in Camden, SC- General Gates defeat by Lord Cornwallis.
1781, Jan. 17- Fought in the battle of Cowpens, SC with Brig. General Daniel Morgan.
1781- Fought in the battle of Eutaw Springs (Sept 8) under Nathaniel Greene, and the Siege of Ninety Six, and the second battle of Camden under General Greene.
1783, winter- Procured from General Smallwood an honorable discharge from the Army.

William and his family later settled in Adams County, Ohio where he died in 1829.

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