Thursday, February 18, 2010

Michael Beyersdoerfer, Cigar Maker

Michael Beyersdoerfer was a cigar maker.  He is listed as such in the 1883 History of Brown County Ohio book published by Beers.

However, Michael wasn't always a maker of cigars.  When he arrived in Levanna, Brown County, Ohio in 1852 from his native Germany, he was a blacksmith by trade.  After a year in Levanna, he purchased some land and opened a vineyard.  He must have seen some success in his endeavor as his name is listed as producing wine in the Vintage of 1858.  Then tragedy struck.  In the summer of 1865, while tending his grapes, Michael suffered sunstroke and was forced to end his career as a grape grower and wine producer.  The following year, he established his cigar making business and enjoyed a good trade in Ripley.

The photograph shows Michael in front of his store which was probably located on Main Street.  To his left is his son-in-law, Nicholas Becker.  The young man to Michael's right is unknown.


  1. Wow! I am so excited to have found this site! I believe that Michael was my great-great grandfather, George Beyersdoerfer's brother. Finding a picture is amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  2. I am glad that you found my blog. I, too, believe that Michael was the brother of George (Johann Georg) who lived in Bracken County, Kentucky. I have a letter from the records office in city of Landau, Germany that someone send me a long time ago. It states that Johann Georg Beyersdoerfer, born 13 February 1831 was the son of Johannes Beyersdoerfer, blacksmith. It says that Michael was also a son of this man. The family lived in Godramstein which is not far from Landau. I might have the siblings of Michael and George. The papers I have are in German, but if you send me an email with your email address, I would be happy to scan them and send them to you.

  3. Lisa BeyersdoerferApril 18, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Hi there! I believe we might also be related? I am married to Michael Edward Beyersdoerfer, son to Michael Edward Beyersdoerfer I. My husband's paternal family is from Ohio.

  4. Lisa,
    Where in Ohio are they from? Do you know the name of your husband's grandfather or great-grandfather? My Michael Beyersdoerfer had a son named Conrad. Conrad had two sons named Errol and Vernon. Do any of those names sound familiar? If not, maybe you are related through a sibling of my Michael. I would love to research that possibility.
    Lynn Koehler

  5. I recently discovered my great grand uncle, Adam's death certificate information (at least some of it). He was only 14 but it listed his occupation as a cigar maker. I'm pretty sure that Michael was his I'm betting Adam must have worked with him. Pretty exciting to find this stuff! Now, I just wonder how in the heck the poor boy died. He died on Christmas that must have been hard for everyone!


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