Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church is located on the corner of Fourth and Market Streets in Ripley.  The house that my grandparents lived in, and where my mother was raised, is just a few houses up the hill from the church.  St. Michael's was a very important fixture in the lives of my ancestors as many of them belonged to and participated in the church.

My great-grandparents, Joseph and Henrietta (Koewler) Haitz, were married in St. Michael's in 1902 as were my parents in 1955.  My grandfather, George Henry Haitz, and his fifteen brothers and sisters were all baptized and confirmed there.  It was also where my mother and her sister were baptized and confirmed.  Shortly after I was born, it was my turn to receive the sacrament of baptism in that same church.  

This picture was taken from the sidewalk in front of my grandparents's house on Fourth Street and shows the location of St. Michael's.  I don't know when the photo was taken, other than during what looks like a terribly cold winter!  I would venture to say that it was around 1945 as that was about the time my grandparents moved to that house from their house on Second Street.  Maybe someone out there can help date the car which could help date the picture.

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