Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Children of Anton and Henrietta Koewler

During my teaching days, I didn't always have time to do the actual recording of information, but having a love of research, I seemed to be able to accumulate piece after piece of paper on which was printed what I found in those moments of free time I managed to steal from household chores.  As a result, I now have a monumental, but fun, task ahead of me sorting out all the people and families that I have stuffed in file folders.  The past several weeks have found me going through, organizing, and analyzing all the information that I have collected on my Koewler family over the years.  

As you know from my previous posts on this family, Anton and Henrietta (Fischer) Koewler were my great great grandparents.  It is through their daughter, Henrietta Koewler Haitz, that I am descended.  According to the 1900 census of Union Township, Ohio, the elder Henrietta gave birth to twelve children, of whom, only eight were living at that time.  

Currently, I have found only the names of those eight, and realistically, I will probably never find the other four.  They lived and died before statewide record keeping was required and county records might have been lost during the Brown County courthouse fire in the seventies.   I guess I shouldn't say I will never find them, but the chances are slim.

Anyway, I would like to share the names and dates that I have for the known children of Anton and Henrietta.

1. Catherine was born in Germany on May 6, 1865.  I don't know who or if she married.  I have no death date for her.

2. Henry was born about 1867 in Ohio.  He married twice and settled in Vanderburgh County, Indiana along with the family of Anton's brother, Thaddeus.

3. Joseph Jacob was born in Brown County, Ohio on January 16, 1872.  He married Laura Gast and they settled in Henderson, Kentucky.  He died December 20, 1935.

4. Mary, born about 1873 in Brown County, married a DeFosse.  I have no death date for her yet.

5 and 6. Louise M. was born about 1877, and Caroline was born June 16, 1878, both in Ohio.  I have no other information for these girls.  There is a Caroline Koewler who married a Henry Lutz in Evansville, Indiana that is possibly this Caroline, but I have not found evidence enough to prove it.

7. Henrietta, my great grandmother, was born in Brown County on December 2, 1880.  She married Joseph Haitz, and they lived in Ripley all their lives.  She died on March 23, 1965.

8. The youngest child, Lena F. was born in Brown County on September 8, 1883.  She married Louis Trapp and died September 21, 1946.  I have also found her listed as Elana.

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