Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haitz Family Farm

My grandfather's parents, Joseph and Henrietta (Koewler) Haitz, lived on a farm just outside of Ripley, Ohio on Highway 52 as you head east towards Aberdeen.  

My great grandfather's barn and main farm land was right there on the left side of Highway 52.   One of the barns had his name, Joe Haitz, proudly painted in black on the front side facing the road.  That barn sits there still, although when the farm left the family after my grandfather's death in 1977, the new owner painted over the name. 

My grandfather ran the farm when he got older, in addition to working at Becker's.  When I was young,  he would take me to do the "farm chores" after dinner during the summers when we visited.  There were cows, pigs, and chickens to feed and water which this military kid found fascinating.  There aren't too many farm animals on an Army base!  

The farm land also extended across the highway all the way down to the Ohio River.  In was on that land that tobacco and hay were grown.   My grandfather also planted watermelon on the bottom land.  He said that it was the best place for melons to grow.  Today, the high school is on that part of the land.

This photograph of my grandfather with the chickens was taken about 1915 or 16.

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