Friday, May 28, 2010

High School Reunion Time

This weekend marks the annual Ripley High School alumni dinner and dance in Ripley, Ohio.  Each year, my parents take the long road trip to attend the event along with several of my aunts and uncles.  They all enjoy the opportunity to catch up with each other.  

I'm not sure how long this annual event has taken place, but I do know it has been for a long while.   Looking through my photographs the other day, I came across this one of my great-grandmother, Amy Montgomery Becker, and her classmates.  Amy was a 1909 graduate, also of Ripley High School.  This photo is of the 25th high school reunion which took place in 1934.   

Amy is the seventh lady from the left.  I do not know who the other women are, but the book, Ripley, Ohio - It's History and Families, lists eighteen graduates from that year.  This may or may not be a complete list.  

Class of 1909
Roy Kelsey
Clara Edith Liggett
Florence West
Frances A. Germann
Amy Montgomery
Sarah Kate Smith
Archie Criswell
Mattie Alleen Tweed
Mary Ross
Margaret Yearsley
Joseph Fichter
Mary Helen Frank
Lorena Berling
Lester McCormick
Katherine Hawk
Lola Kate Bradford
Elizabeth Letts
Wylie Spears

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