Monday, November 22, 2010

The Linn Brothers

Michael and Magdalena Linn had four sons, in addition to their two daughters, that lived to adulthood.  Interestingly, three of those sons never married.   All but Louis stayed in Ripley their entire lives and worked in the retail business dealing with either dry goods or clothing.

William F. Linn, also known as Wilhelm F.,  was born September 13, 1856.  He married Ida Beyersdoerfer in 1897.  They became the parents of two children, Michael Raymond and Elizabeth.  W. F., as he was commonly known, died in Ripley in 1953.

Born Ludwig L. on November 1, 1858, Louis left Ripley at an early age.  In 1880, he was living in Atchison, Kansas along with his cousin, Henry Linn.  He then settled in Gunnison, Colorado.  For reasons unknown, he returned to Ripley by 1910 where he stayed until his death in 1935.

Emil Linn was the twin of his sister, Emilie, or Amelia as she was called.  The twins were born on the last day of January in 1861.  Emil was a grocer.  He, along with his younger brother, Walter, lived with their sister, Flora, until Flora's death.  After her passing, they continued to live in the Montgomery house on Fifth Street until their deaths.  Emil died in 1947. 

The youngest Linn son was Walter.  He was born April 30, 1863.  Walter was a dry goods merchant in Ripley.  He died September 17, 1954.  Upon his death, his estate was valued at $220,005.78.

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