Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Past

With my father being in the military, I very seldom spent the Christmas holidays with my grandparents in Ripley, Ohio.  My Christmases were spent quietly with my parents and brother in places like Hawaii, Alabama, South and North Carolina, Kentucky, and Zweibrucken, Germany.  They were pleasant and fun holidays, but  I often wonder what I missed by not having cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents around to share in the celebration of Christmas. 
After her divorce, there were years that my grandmother, Janet, would travel to where ever we lived at the time to be with us over the holidays.   Those years were special in that not only was it Christmas, but it was one more time during the year that I was able to spend with my grandmother, which was a rarity.

This picture was taken at Christmas 1958 before I became a military kid.  That's me with my grandfather, George Haitz, and my cousin.  I don't remember those first three Christmases that I spent in Ripley, but I know that the warmth and love that surrounded me is with me still.  
May your Christmas be one spent surrounded by the love of family and our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Merry Christmas!

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